Save the Polar Bears!


Ruffus Polar Bear in Sports Jersey Cartoon

R22 has done a lot of damage to the ozone layer resulting in the damaging effects of climate change. Many ecosystems have been effected by this, especially the polar ice caps. To make a positive change and bring in a new generation of environmentally safe refrigerants ComStar is taking steps to help our friends, the Polar Bears, up in the North Pole.

ComStar will take your old refrigerant and properly dispose it wand will donate a portion of sales to the World Wildlife fund in hopes of reversing the damage caused by ozone depleting refrigerants!

We are introducing our new mascot, RUFFUS or R.S for short. He is fighting global warming by educating people in the importance of using low GWP refrigerants like ComStar refrigerants! In his free time he enjoys playing Ice Hockey and his team number is 45!

We can all take little steps to help make a positive impact on the environment.

To find out more about Ruffus and ComStar’s conservation efforts please follow them on Twitter and Instagram!


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