24 lbs.

24 lbs.

125 lbs.

125 lbs.

1,000 lbs.

1,000 lbs.

For all non-flooded R22 systems operating at high, medium, and low temperature, down to -20ºF evaporating temperature.

RS-44b advantages:

  • RS-44b has the same flow rate as R22
  • RS-44b operates at a similar discharge pressure as R22 and lower pressure than R407A & C, R422B & D, R417a and R427A.
  • RS-44b has the benefit of lower energy consumption;
  • RS-44b operates at near cooling capacity of R22 in both A/C and Refrigeration applications down to -20⁰F evap. temp
  • RS-44b is the lowest GWP HFC R22 replacement on the market at 1664 TAR and is Zero Ozone Depleting.
  • If a service technician inadvertantly mixes RS-44b with R22 there will be no harm to the system components or system efficiency. We know this to be true because in Europe, where there are no regulations against mixing refrigerants, our European sister company has tracked these developments. In the USA, the EPA does not permit or condone the intentional mixing of refrigerants.
  • RS-44b is good for cap tube and TXV systems. It has been operating in all types of systems with all types of compressors worldwide since 2013.
  • RS-44 is produced in Texas, the UK and Spain.
  • RS-44b requires no oil or system component changes
  • RS-44b is certified A-1 by ASHRAE (non-toxic and non-flammable)

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