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RS-44b, 24 pound Cylinder

The closest match to R22 on the market!

  • For both A/C & Refigeration
  • No oil or part changes required
  • Equal to R22 in capacity, COP, mass flow
  • Lowest GWP R22 Drop-in @1636(AR5)
Mountain Lake 3 Column Collage


RS-45, 24 pound Cylinder

For all R22 flooded system applications — ice rinks, cold storage and process cooling systems.

  • A/C & Low temp. refigeration
  • COP equal to R22
  • Capacity match to R22
  • Low glide
Mountain Lake 3 Column Collage


RS-50, 24 pound Cylinder

Ultra-low GWP, energy saving, R404A drop-in replacement

  • Replaces R404A, R22, R507
  • Higher Energy efficency
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • No R22 TXV change required
  • Ultra low GWP @1754(AR5)
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About ComStar...

ComStar International Inc. is the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer of environmentally safe, industrial strength chemical products. Affliates respresent ComStar around the globe.

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Conservation Efforts

ComStar is making efforts to combat climate change with proper emissions testing and disposal of products, in addition to teaming with the World Wildlife Fund in helping preserve the natural habitat of polar bears in the Arctic.

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Introducing Our New Mascot

We are introducing our new mascot, RUFFUS or RS for short. He is fighting global warming by educating people in the importance of using low GWP refrigerants like ComStar refrigerants! In his free time he enjoys playing Ice Hockey and his team number is 45!

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