For ice rinks, cold storage, and process cooling systems
  • A/C & low temp. refrigeration
  • COP equal to R22
  • Capacity match to R22
  • Low glide


Downloadable Info

Why replace now?

Why it is important to replace R22 now.

Case Study #1

Brownstone Ice Rink.

Case Study #2

An environmentally friendly retrofit for two 8,000 lb. flooded chillers.

Case Study #3

Houston, TX chemical plant flooded chiller conversion from R22 to RS-45

Technical Bulletin #1

Ice rink technical bulletin.

Technical Bulletin #2

System Volume Guide

Technical Bulletin #3

Flooded System Points

Safety Data Sheet

Take a look at RS-45's safety data.

Data Package

Full data package for R22 flooded chiller systems and RS-45 replacement.

Industrial AC Condensers

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